Bayern Munich defender Jerome Boateng is full of praise for Manchester United star Marcus Rashford.

Article image: ​Boateng hails Man Utd forward Rashford for charity efforts

The German believes the exemplary efforts of Rashford to push for social change in his country are a credit to the man.

Boateng has been doing his own work during the COVID-19 pandemic, helping with food charity Munchner Tafel.

And he is impressed with Rashford’s work to lobby the government in the UK to continue paying for school meals for underprivileged children.

“It cannot be that people or entire families cannot afford food.

“So much food is thrown away, why is there no satisfactory concept that ensures that everyone has enough food?

“We athletes are also in demand in this regard. Marcus Rashford, for example, raised awareness of this issue and made people aware of child poverty in particular.”