Download mp3: Spensive – Straight Prod. By Zicco Tunes

(Music) Spensive – Straight Prod. By Zicco Tunes

Download mp3: Spensive – Straight Prod. By Zicco Tunes
Jos based artist spensive is here again with another single titled straight produced by one of j town very own producer zicco tunes.

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Straight is strictly a rap song.

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Full lyrics


Spensive coming at your door nigga!!

Its more than just a conflict rhythm uh”
Ma memories are function for da philo math,
Love lost, love found all are in ma heart,
Cant compromise the hand that u feeding from
When u hating Wat’s ur gain ma nigga?
Ooo u tink u causing pain ma nigga?
I cant tank u much for all ma hater
U got me me from a jerk to a man am actually feeding frm ur hate.
Ma pressure is da way i got grind .
Daily in da studio ma emotions so erupt ,
Money came as issues for da man with da shot
Suki told me nigga go light a blunt.
Da pain is dat am never fucking gud enough
Ma heart is full with questions emotions am not relieved,
i better keep it hidden so I don’t get judged
Am found of being loved, they don’t know an on a lot.
Am always on hunting for some option,
Av even tried lots of pills and potion,
I even got stamped in da motion,
Dis shit hurts no one to talk to .
I got lots and tuns of issues got to let out,
Don’t judge me, don’t call me a sell out.
I did wat i got to do, for da day out.
I wanna get it out really really straight out “shit!!

Yea Am straight,
for real am straight
Said am straight bru!!
Am straight
Dehm am straight
am straight
For real am straight
Re verse
Some times the tinkin u think ,aint the tinking u think u r tinking, so u got to think dat think to get the perfect think ur thinking
Cause somtimes Da perception of Reality is more real dan reality it self.

Verse 2
from a God dehm am turning to a God’s plan.
The really didn’t know i was coming from da dust land.
The purity am into camouflage the outcast
The looking at me straight,
They en got a bright sight,
Spiritually am going through in a bad weather,
Ma niggas see me smile and dey tink is a good cheda,
Am looking for the 1 and i pray that i grow better,
Make it rain like moses in a dark desert,
Puff puff mary Jane!!
In ma visuals i saw me in a plane, wait,
Mayday!! mayday!!, but eventually am puffin on a J.
Street credit giving gratitude to ojs,
Am gradually walking from ma lost thoughts,
More fun get stunned from ma last run
Am dey 1 hommie.
Got nobody with me,
Came for da party paid up in the city.
Was a nobody now my pay looking pretty.
every lady wanna take spens for the weekend,
Am a kingkong use to be a rap gun.
God gave me raping feeling like an icon,
Jabbing on the beats like mike Tyson!
Looking for the lady looking for the right one.
I can never hate another demon.
Check it everybody got a demon.
Spensive came out from a beamer…
U looking at me am beaming”
u wanna be me keep dreaming”
Looking so flashy am killing,
Coming right through with my ray band…

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